MUSIK: Millie Jackson – The Rap

Der Soul-Song The Rap von Millie Jackson, der US-amerikanischen R&B- Sängerin und Songwriterin, die große Erfolge in den 1970er Jahren hatte. Zu ihren erfolgreichsten Werken gehören die Alben Caught Up (1974), Feelin’ Bitchy (1977) und Get It Out’cha System (1978), die in den USA jeweils über 500.000 Mal verkauft und mit Gold ausgezeichnet wurden. Schön, wie sie hier teils spricht, teils singt. Vergangene Woche, am 15. Juli, hatte sie ihren 74ten Geburtstag. Irgendwann sage ich auch, wie ich auf den Song gekommen bin. Interessant ist auch, dass Farben alt werden können! Etwa der Gelbton des Albums Caught Up, von dem der Song The Rap ist.

Das Album ist ein Konzept-Album. Eine Erzählung über eine Frau, die eine Affaire mit einem verheirateten Mann hat (das ist nicht der Grund bei mir). Die Vorderseite der LP bringt Songs aus Sicht der Geliebten, die Rückseite aus Sicht der Ehefrau. Hier der Song The Rap (Vorderseite) und unten die schönen Lyrics:


You see, the terrible thing about being in love with a married man is the fact that you can’t see him when you really want to and that can get to you sometimes
Late in the midnight hour, when you really feel like you need a little loving, the man ain’t nowhere around and that can get to you sometimes
Early in the morning, when you really feel like you need someone to hold on to, the man ain’t nowhere around and that can really get to you sometimes
But what gets to you most of all is when the holidays roll around
You gotta always be by yourself, ‚cause that’s the time when the families get together
All the in-laws come to visit, so he has to stay home and play the part of the good and faithful husband
But I ain’t worried about it, ‚cause I found out that when a man starts tipping away from home, somebody at home has fallen down on the homefront
That’s because when those women marry these men, they have a tendency to take advantage of them
They forget about all the sweet things they say to get them, that they have to keep on saying them to keep them
‚Cause you got a whole lot of women out there these days just like me who will tell a man anything in the world he feel like he might wanna hear
I know, ‚cause I’m going with a married man and last New Year’s Eve, I was lonesome as a micky ficky
But J1, the man came on in like he was supposed to
And I don’t mind waiting that one day, ‚cause anything worth having is worth waiting on
So when the man came in, J1, I was right there waiting on him to tell him them sweet things his wife haven’t told him over the holidays
And you can think of a whole lot of good stuff to tell a nigga when you’re by yourself
So the minute my man came in the door, J1, I start laying it on him
I said oooh, baby
Ooh, baby
Ooh, baby
My baby
You’re the sweetest thing I know, yes you are
You dim the rainbow’s glow, yes you do, baby
There ain’t no power, no power, no power on this earth
To ever, oh, oh Lord, separate us, baby
‚Cause you are my sunshine, my only little sunshine
You are my sunshine, my sunshine
And I love you, baby
I can’t help but love you, baby
I love you, baby
I couldn’t give up if I wanted to
You know I don’t wanna leave you with a one-sided conception over this thing
Anyone out there in my shoes this evening, I want you to know what I’m talking about
I want you to know there’s two sides to this thing
There’s a good side to being in love with a married man and I like it, ‚cause you see
When you’re going with a married man, he can come over two or three times a week and give you a little bit
That means you’re two up on the wife already, ‚cause once you marry one, you don’t get it but once a week
Another sweet thing is on pay day, he can come over and give you a little bread and I like that
But the sweetest thing about the whole situation is the fact that when you go to the Laundromat
You don’t have to wash nobody’s funky drawers but your own and I like it like that
I wanna keep my situation just the way it is
And to make sure it stays like that, when my man comes over here two or three times a week to give me my piece
I set the clock so he can get up and go home on time, don’t want him to be late
Sometimes it’d be kind of hard for me to do, but I’ll force myself anyway. I tell him…
Listen to the clock on the wall
Hey, hey
Listen to the clock on the wall right now, baby
Tick on, clock
Listen to the clock on the wall
Hey, hey
Oh, forget about the clock on the wall
I don’t wanna be right this morning



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